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Before commencing your Term Deposit online application, please read the Bank's Financial Services Guide , as well as the Term Deposits and Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions.

Terms available for Term Deposits applied online are subject to change. Please check on Section 1: Term Deposit Type on the Online Application page for the latest terms.

Please refer to the special terms and conditions for Term Deposits opened via the internet as detailed in section 13 of the Terms and Conditions.
The current interest rates on offer for Term Deposits opened via the internet are provided on the following page of this online application.

Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions

(applicable to Term Deposits opened via the internet only)
Please be aware:

- 31 days' notice is required to withdraw from this account before maturity;

- another deposit product may be more suitable if you may need in the future to immediately withdraw from this account;

- if you renew your term deposit for a further term after the maturity date, the interest rate may be higher or lower than the current rate.

I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions for Term Deposits and Electronic Banking and consent to the use and disclosure of personal information as indicated in the section on Privacy.

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